Day Five of Rehab

Long story short, we're right back to where we were in January at the other nursing home rehab stay. Mom had a new physical therapist yesterday and today. He told me that yesterday that he'd tried to get Mom up on the parallel bars and that she was not mobile. She can't grip parallel bars because her left hand is contracted. I asked him if he could help me get her up on her four-wheeled walker so that I could get an idea of her mobility, and he said that he was out of time with her for the day.

Today, he tried to get her up on the walker (it was after I'd left for the day) and that she couldn't do it at all. I am meeting with him tomorrow morning for Mom's rehab session. I know from the experience in January that her insurance will not approve any more time at rehab unless she is making progress. Mom knows that she is getting weaker, and keeps asking me to get her up and moving. I can't. I did ask the therapist if we could do an in-home session at Mom's house. I know she always does better in her familiar environment and with me cueing.

After the January rehab stay, I brought her home and we had about seven weeks of steady, uphill progress with her mobility. She wasn't quite back to baseline, but was able to use her walker (with me holding her transfer belt), walk short distances, pivot and back up. That small ability makes all the difference in my ability to care for her at home.

10 minutes after writing that paragraph....

I just got off the phone with her therapist. He started the conversation with, "I have to admit, I thought you might have been a little bit crazy when you said that she was mobile a week ago." It seems he had her in the therapy room and holding on to her walker. When she stood up, she realized that she needed to go to the bathroom. Immediately. (She's had "the runs" for the past 3 days, but that's a whole other conversation.) Apparently, Mom took off like a shot and headed to the bathroom. He is now convinced that she is mobile.

He said that Mom is very goal-oriented. Yep. That's my mom. (Remember her prayer from the hospital when she was hallucinating? "Thank you, Lord, for our determination.") He said that they can now demonstrate huge progress, and that will extend her stay. I told him, honestly, that I was questioning whether it would be more beneficial for her to get therapy there, or to get back into her home environment and normal routine.

I feel like I'm bouncing all over the place. Things change from minute to minute. I'm a planner and a doer, and not always as flexible as this situation requires. But, I'm happy for the good news to go to sleep with!

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