Dealing with Caregiver Guilt During the Coronavirus Crisis

Article summary provided by Certified Caregiving Consultant, Kathy Koenig. You can learn more about her consulting services at Caregiver Connection.

Caregivers are consumed with feelings of guilt without the added stress of a global pandemic, but coronavirus has added new and complex situations for caregivers to manage. You may be second-guessing decision-making about care-facility placement or keeping your distance from a loved one to keep them safe.

How do you manage your own self-care and social distance needs while caring for another? It's important to acknowledge the restrictions we face are out of our control. When you're not in charge of the limitations what can you do? Suggestions include using technology, such as Zoom or FaceTime, on tablets to communicate. Care facilities may help with more phone calls. And while sitting outside of a window isn't ideal, it provides face-to-face interaction. Connecting with other family caregivers through online forums is an option for support at this time.

Emily Gurnon is a Next Avenue contributor.

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