Dear Celebrity, Champion Our Cause When Telling Your Story


Dear Celebrity, Champion Our Cause When Telling Your Story

pizza-boxes-358029_640Two weeks ago, I had a conversation with a founder of a start-up company that sells services to family caregivers. He mentioned that a blog post from a celebrity sharing a caregiving story would be a great way to drive traffic to a caregiving website.

Certainly, I'm a consumer of celebrity stories. My daily break involves visits to, and But a celebrity in a caregiving situation understands some but not all of the stresses and worries. Because, honestly, it sucks to be a have-not.

We do read stories of celebrities who care for a family member or friend. But we don't have a celebrity who has championed family caregivers, who really spreads the word that family caregivers need help. Family caregivers are isolated and lonely. They've lost friends and watched family members disappear.

What if a celebrity starred in a campaign that brings awareness to the family caregiver experience? The celebrity brings pizza on a Friday night to a deserving family caregiver and encourages everyone else to do the same for the family caregiver in their neighborhood, family, community. It would be easy to create the short video with the celebrity knocking on the family caregiver's door, delivering the pizza and spending time visiting with the family caregiver and caree.

The celebrity then looks into the camera and says to the camera, “It's easy to make a difference. This Friday, order a pizza for the family caregiver in your life. You'll deliver help and hope.”

That would drive traffic.

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My vote is for Celine Dion.


Love this idea!


If you bring me pizza, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@jvnewell</a>, you're a celebrity. :)


Love this Denise, and thank you for your consideration for all of us.