rose-557692_640I was feeling a little down the other day about the restrictions I'm under because of caring for my mom--I was having vacation envy after hearing about a coworker's vacation.

I started thinking about the decisions I've made in life that I'll look back on as shaping who I am. Things like my choice of college, because not only did I get a great education, but I met my husband there. Deciding to change career paths many years ago. Going with my 6-year-old daughter in 1999 to find out about becoming a Girl Scout leader. Happening to attend a service on one stifling hot July 4th morning almost 20 years ago at an amazing church that would become my own. Choosing to build an addition on our home and to care for my parents at home as long as I am able.

Caregiving is not easy, and many days it's downright frustrating. (Today's challenge is diarrhea.) But I can't imagine that down the line I'll ever regret having made the decision to have my parents here. For many years they lived far away, and I was resigned to the limits that that placed on our relationship. But to have this opportunity to pay them back for the great start they gave me and to re-establish a close relationship with them as an adult is something that I'm always going to treasure.

God willing, there will be time for vacations later.

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It's like you were in my head! Right down to the diarrhea! Yes, one day we will be vacationing again, there will be life after this. It a blessing to be where we are, but difficult! You are in my prayers!


Very insightful! Yes! Living without regrets is another way to be content with our decisions or how we've responded to how life is happening. I care for my Grandmother in her home and the longing for our (AH & I) own place to be alone sometimes is overwhelming but it's just for this season! We have a similar perspective of giving back to those in our family who have given us MUCH! What a privilege! I have to think that our children are benefiting from the examples we are in this Caregiving role! Thank you for sharing CIM! BTW: I can't wait to have a Caregiving Vacation at some point when I am able - to meet some of these wonderful folks who support me here!!!

Tracey Martin

vacation? What is this word you speak of? My husband and I went way for our 25th anniversary and cut it short because my mother refused to go to the hospital when she had a stroke. For 3 yrs, my mom has needed around the clock care due to her lack of safety awareness and falls. Sometimes I can get a sibling to cover and go back home to my home but it isn't the same because I worry about her. My husband is very understanding and realizes that this is the right thing to do at this time. Some day, we will get away but for now, we provide love and support to each other and mom.


It's great to see you, CIM. :)\r\n\r\nI get such a perspective on how finite time is as I help my parents. Your point about these decisions really struck me. Interesting how our choices lead to our treasures.


Good point, and good reminder. Thank you.

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