Decisions and Plans


Decisions and Plans

traffic_light_greenAfter waiting two weeks after Marc's unexpected hospital stay earlier this month, the decision was finally made to move forward with a surgery and we couldn't be more relieved. It's frightening to go through the process of the surgery but it's a relief that there is final a plan in action and we aren't sitting around wondering what-if anymore.

I've found my own sense of relief, as well. The surgery they want to do is an open skull surgery where the remove his frontal sinus where the infection started and spread from. It's also what continues to cause issues with swelling in his brain and is actually pushing his brain backwards and to the right. So, it's necessary and it was something I had asked about as an option prior to their decision to move forward.

They also want to go in and do some "cleaning" on his brain. While he does have an infection on his brain, it is a low-grade infection that we are more than certain was brought on because of the swelling because it is a different strain of infection than what is in his sinuses and the bone of his skull.

I have told them "no" to this. I don't want them touching his brain UNLESS absolutely necessary during the surgery but not as part of the surgery, itself. The reason I say this is because there are tremendous risk factors to this. First, he has a 10% chance of not surviving them "cleaning" his brain and that percentage is too high. Secondly, he is functioning fine. He is responsive and doing so well with his memory. He has his moments but who wouldn't with their brain being pushed backwards in their skull. That's a no-brainer.. pun intended.

Still we requested the surgery to be done after Thanksgiving. We finally found a way to come home and visit our families and that is what we are going to do. He was very much set on doing this after his last hospital stay and before any surgery and I want to make sure he does that.

So we are excited. We have our own things to look forward to before the surgery. And after the surgery, they are pretty much certain that it should make everything normal, for the most part. Most importantly, it should realign his brain after the swelling subsides and get rid of the seizures which are being caused by the movement in his brain.

To think that there will be normalcy again is great but again, we are just going to take it one day at a time. Keeping our faith strong, our hopes high but grounded in reality.

He is taking it well. I am taking it well. We're just trying to stay as positive as possible.

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Casandra, I am keeping you both in my prayers as well. You did a great job laying out for the doctors what is and is not acceptable, and a great job working out the logistics of Thanksgiving prior to surgery. I am staying positive with you!