Dementia Care: What's Your Best Coping Strategy?


Dementia Care: What's Your Best Coping Strategy?

thunder_stormThis morning on Your Caregiving Journey, Claire Day, our dementia care expert, joined me to share best coping strategies for those who caring for a family member with dementia. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

During our show, we spoke about the importance of being open to using coping strategies, such as attending support groups, journaling, walking, venting to a friend. I'd love to know: What do you do what helps you cope with stress of caring for a family member with dementia? Please share your coping strategies in our comments section, below.


--If you are in the Philadelphia area, join me on Monday, May 6, at Care and Connect, the Alzheimer's Association Delaware Valley chapter annual conference. I'll be giving the keynote presentation as well as lead a break-out session. You can register here.

--Alzheimer's Association manages an online community called Alz Connected.

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One word--humor. Having a good laugh over a situation seems to make it less daunting.


Loved the show! In addition to support groups, blogging/venting, and journaling, mine are:\r\n1. Porch time for reading, journaling, and being in nature.\r\n2. Photography -- my camera (along with journal notebook and eReader) travels everywhere with me, including to doctor appointments.\r\n3. Any creative play I can fit in.\r\n4. Listening to music.\r\n5. Working out.