Dementia, Devil's Food and Drumsticks: When Mom goes Rogue


Dementia, Devil's Food and Drumsticks: When Mom goes Rogue

cakeI apologize that I have not commented posted or supported much on here lately. I have been a bit burned out with Mom escaping a few times. My dog Misty who I didn't know was pregnant had 7 puppies in my garage last week and my son's girlfriend is expecting a baby.

My 94-year-old cousin, Helen, said she is staying away from my house because everyone is getting pregnant, even the dogs. She doesn't want to be like Sarah in the Bible and have a baby as a senior citizen.

My brain hurts so much so that I can't remember most of my social media passwords. I'm too mentally tired to create new ones. Facebook is auto log in and so is Pinterest. Luckily my PC has on auto log in or I wouldn't be on here at the moment either. My mom, Grace (Graceldoor, her middle earth name). who has dementia has a new addiction to Food Network shows. Her new found love of Alton Brown and Bobby Flay are having a bad effect on her. Keep reading you will see why.

After dinner last week, I gave mom ONE piece of Devil's Food cake for dessert. She went upstairs and I passed her room and noticed she was watching the Food Network channel instead of her regular religious programming. I peeped in and she said, "Oh this show is making me want dessert." I reminded her that she already had dessert earlier and that too many sweets keep her up. I was not in the mood for her vampirism or Sun downing so I decided no extra piece of cake for the Graceldoor.

About an hour later I was doing dishes .I heard through the window, "Oh, my  what is she doing?" It was my poor husband. I went on the porch and saw Mom in the backseat of my son's girlfriend's car with the entire chocolate cake on her lap. My son's girlfriend went running by with a bottle of Fantastick spray and Mom had chocolate on her elbows. Of course one of the dogs got out at that point; taking advantage of our confusion. There was chocolate on the back seat, the front seat, just everywhere. I was just thankful it wasn't poop because we've been through that before with her too. Remember the hasmat suit and the masks when she was sick ?

My son took the cake from her and made her go upstairs to her room. He is usually patient with her but that took the cake literally.

It is crazy around here but I'm thankful I have my support team.

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Great story, but oh my -- I can only imagine the mess. Thank goodness you do have a support team. Bless you!


Dearest Angie! What a pleasure to read your post today. . . You inspire me to keep seeing the humor in the situations! Congratulations on the puppies - I hope you will find the best homes for them :) Oh, My, your Cousin Helen is so funny too! How wonderful for you to have a support team - probably a great Sports Team if you needed! Fantastic and Frosting - What a combo!!!


You left Jenn in tears, but I was leaking elsewhere! I'm glad it was frosting this time. LOL


Love your telling of the crazy stuff - some of this stuff is so bad we may as well get a laugh out of it - thanks for making me laugh and for seeing that one can look at another way:)


YOU are Definitely a talented story teller! If you wrote a book, I would want to read it!

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