Peter's denial Peter's denial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I'm curious how many of us are in denial. That we are all going through a process called grief. That this grief is ours and that of the people we care for. That the people we care for care for us.  That we are carees as well. That those phases of grief are unbelievably real.

I wonder how many of us feel gagged. Like we aren't able to express our true selves. That it is imperative to express. To express constructively. I wonder how many of us are missing out on the happiness in caregiving.

My Dad apologized when I got home in a very loving way. So, in our own way we talked things out. I wonder what the image of The Denial of Peter says to you/us. To me I feel like Peter, denied and ridiculed.

What are the real feelings underlying? I don't know yet.

What do you see?  In the place that is scary, can we explore and not be so frightened anymore and feel safety,  compassion, shelter and rest?

Always, il

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Thanks Pegi . . I look forward to hearing what you see in this picture in relation to caregiving. Yah, Dad and I worked things out but . . . things backslided again. Tired. Love you! il