"Denise, you make up for the '____ing ________s' "


"Denise, you make up for the '____ing ________s' "

hand-613252_640I recently read responses to my post (So Much) from Denise and other members to my my spouse, P. The responses were all so wise and so helpful.

P's response was,

"I'm so glad Denise has that site. What she does with the site and the help she gives caregivers directly and by connecting them.... almost makes up for the 'f___ing ____ ____s'!  (His reference for politicians and other seedy, greedy, self-serving jerks. )

That is a whole lot of good you do, considering the numbers of those others.... LOL... but really seriously!

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This put a big smile on my face. Thanks! :)

Lillie Fuller

I agree!!!


Oh, my gosh, Jean! I don't think I've ever laughed (because this headline just cracks me up!) at the same time I've cried (because this is so touching).\r\n\r\nGive P my gratitude for one of my most memorable compliments ever. I'll take it proudly!!