Did I Eat That?


Did I Eat That?

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I wonder how many caregivers of people with dementia think they're going crazy when they go to the fridge and can't find their food, and are so exhausted and frustrated that they get teed off that someone else ate their food.

This sounds funny at first, but when I'm so very tired and have gotten the food I want from the store, I want to have it when I go get it. I then hear, "Well, Il! I'll just replace it or just go get another whatever it was your Mom wanted (a peach)."

But I'm tired, guys. That's not the point. The point is that I matter. My needs matter. My Farmer's Market time matters. My sanity matters. And I don't want to hide my food, or deal with Mom's dementia and her memory loss.

It's not the food, it's this nasty disease.

Always, Il

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Thanks Pegi . . . \"so many ordinary things that become extrordinary when dealing with various diseases\" ~ amen! ~ guess on twitter got an amen to :) . . . It's not only the disease it's the exhaustion and I'll literally buy I think 7 books at a time and the bookstore thinks I'm nuts but getting any errand done for myself is a major ordeal that I 'overdo' it . . . anyone else? Bless your heart for wanting to send a peach! Yellow Peach Please From A Farmer's Market eek that was hard to type and say OK keep typing :)


Yikes! It has happened here more than once! We found out that Dementia doesn't look into the little meat drawer in the house refrigerator - handy place to hide stuff except when Elly wants cheese, she knows that is where it should be but leaves other stuff alone! I keep our own treats in the Garage refrigerator or Freezer!


This made me laugh! Thank you! Rest Now. il


I've literally had times when I've searched on the web for a mini-fridge and dreamed of getting one for my home office, which I can lock if need be.\r\n\r\nIn my case, it's my partner's harping on what gets placed where and her insistence on using spacers, to the point where getting food out of the fridge becomes an expedition. If the arrangement isn't to her liking, I get a long lecture.\r\n\r\nShe still insists on keeping old banana leaves from four months ago on their purple paper plate in the left-hand crisper, where they slowly disintegrate. :-)\r\n\r\nYep, it's not the food, it's the disease. (((Hugs)))