fence-470221_640Oh, you have moments when you wish for different, when you wish you had what another family member or a neighbor or a co-worker has.

If you were the same as them, you would have an easy life, a carefree life, an ideal life.

Sure, the grass looks greener. But, it still needs to mowed and watered and fertilized. Wishing for what others have also means exchanging your problems for another. And, while it appears their problems seem minimal, you can't know the ache in their hearts.

Instead of wanting another's life, focus on creating different in yours. How can you change or tweak or create so that your day feels better? What can you communicate so that a burden lessens? How can you make more time to connect with others who understand? When can you take a few moments for who and what you love? What perspective can you find to bring comfort or relief or gratitude?

Sometimes, the path to a different life starts with our own mind's eye. This is your life. Keep it, believe in it. It's made you the vibrant, caring being you are.

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