Difficult Months Lead to a Good Morning!


Difficult Months Lead to a Good Morning!

sunrise-344425_640Well, we have been having a rough time, as always. Fighting worker's comp, who say there is nothing wrong with Mom, and the VA, who leave me to dealing with all of Mom's ailments without anyone helping me. I have been trying to get them to approve a doctor coming out to the house to care for all of her issues, but they say no doctor will come. They can send a home health agency to help out and report back to the doctor about what needs to happen. BUT we need a Dr's approval to send home health but first he needs to see and access what she needs, and he won't come out to do that. Circular reasoning at it's finest! Been fighting for months on end.

Each person I talk to has more hoops for us to jump through, and even the managers and higher ups have no idea what needs to be done. Makes you want to rip your hair out! We had another hearing for her Worker's Comp case. They have TONS of paperwork and over 20 doctor from four different states that all agree what is going on. The "hearing officer" (judge) decided (I have NO idea how a person with a brain and a set of eyes can not see how ill Mom is) that there is no evidence that Mom is ill. So you are telling me a person would be willingly bedridden, on O2, take over 30 pills a day, not leave the house except by ambulance to the hospital, give up everything she once enjoyed, the list goes on and on, for 16 years for what? What does a person gain by faking the most painful disease known to man? Who has strength to fight for 16 long years? It makes NO sense! On top of that they have TONS of documentation! I just wanna shake these people and ask if they are real, ya know!! Would I leave a job that I loved, my life's passion, to care for someone 24/7, 365 who wasn't sick? Makes NO SENSE. Anyway, we are once again appealing. It is craziness. So fighting that has been stressful.

I finally took the time to get to the dentist for a cleaning and they took x-rays (tons of fun with TMJ) and all of the sudden I have five to seven cavities. I brush my teeth twice a day, two minutes each time, and I floss daily. I haven't had cavities in ages. After talking with the doctor, we realized it is the immense amounts of stress I have been under these past two or so years (I think it was the stress of detoxing her off all of her pain meds). Who knew stress can rot your teeth!

Sadly he is unable to do the fillings since my TMJ has gotten so much worse, I can only open my mouth about an inch and that is not enough room for him to get in there and get the work done. He sent me to a dental sedation clinic to see if they could help me. I went to that appointment and they have to send me to town (1 1/2 hrs away) to put me under general anesthesia in order to pry my jaw open and fix the teeth. I have no one to watch Mom for me. I have asked the neighbors to be available if she calls and needs anything. I will stock her fridge next to her bed, and her power chair will be next to her bed so she can transfer. I should only be gone about four or so hours barring any complication. Another neighbor will drive me there and back. I am SO thankful for willing neighbors! I will be bribing them with homemade bread. :D

Yesterday, out of the blue a nurse called from a home health agency to come and draw blood for the VA. She arrived and I knew it was just going to be hard. I don't want to bash on her, but the word incompetence comes to mind. Let's just say it took her over 40 minutes and three tries to get some blood for Mom. Now Mom's veins were great and what we call super highways because I had given her IV fluids the day before. It was excruciating for Mom to endure, and very painful for me to watch as she struggled to try to get blood. She bruised Mom badly and even 24 hours later, Mom is still feeling the pain of it all. Sadly she blew all the veins and I was deeply concerned about how I was going to hit them the next day for her IV fluids. Well this morning the doorbell rang unexpectedly and the doctor who comes once or twice a week to do IVs on her was there. I wasn't expecting him until next week because his assistant is on vacation and he wasn't planning on coming into our town. Well there he was and I said, "You are an answer to prayer"! I asked him if he would come and do Mom's IV since the nurse had blown the veins I use. And he did!! Saved me a lot of stress and Mom a severe dehydration headache!  We needed this today!

Mom has also been having MAJOR issues with pillows lately. I don't even know how many pillows we have purchased in the last month and have had to return them because they cause such horrible knots in her head, neck, and back. We finally broke down and purchased one online and it arrived last night. As soon as I put it under her head, she said she was in pillow heaven! This morning she woke up with no tension headache and no new knots!  She LOVES IT!!! Praise the Lord!

Mom has been having extreme amounts of pain and her pain meds can not be increased anymore as the side effects become too great for Mom to handle. I have had calls into her Dr that does the pain control and he just wouldn't call me back. We weren't sure if he was giving up on us, or just didn't want to deal with it. Well he called this morning and I talked to him about everything and begged him for something new that Mom could take that would give her some relief. He agreed to try a new drug with her to see how it helps. What an answer to prayer! I will pick it up tomorrow.

The VA nurse called me back as well this morning and gave me the results of some of Mom's labs, and her cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are of course sky high but are lower than they were the last time, I am attributing the decrease to the new way of eating. She is going to give the results to a Dr to see what he suggests. We think she might need to go on insulin for a while as her A1C is very high (I could have told them that since her fasting numbers were sometimes in the 400s!)  They are going to install a telehealth device which I can transmit her vitals directly to the doctor and he can monitor with me. I have been begging for this for years and was always denied. I am SO thankful things are starting to move and I no longer have to play doctor and pharmacist and nurse etc etc all by myself! I expressed to her that I NEED help. I NEED guidance! She agrees and I feel like I am not alone anymore, praise the Lord.

So after months of anguish, we finally had a good morning where good things happened. We really needed this reprieve! I even let myself off the hook on my chores today and actually took  a nap! I was supposed to be cleaning the carpets, but I can start doing that tomorrow.  Today was a good day and who wants to spoil that with chores that can be done tomorrow! Oh, I also have several custom orders I am working on, so that means I will be getting paid a bit, yay!!!

God is good all the time, and He knew we needed a good morning and He provided it. We are blessed beyond measure!

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Homemade bread would certainly work with me ;)\r\nAny chance you could tell us more about that pillow? Brand, price, where to find it? \r\nPraise the Lord, indeed! You were overdue for things to go in your favor!