Symbol_divide_vote.svg.medAt one time, math's division seemed too tricky to master.

This time, life's division seems too difficult to understand.

Caregiving can feel like crossing the Continental Divide. Your family's divided--some stay, some go, most don't get it. You're divided because too many need your help, often at the same time. The health care system seems to divide, making it difficult to understand which way is right. The division creates fractions of your life.

And, with all this division, you feel like you're on the bottom of the equation without a way up.

When division becomes too much a part of your day, look to add and multiply. Add in quiet time or a time out or time away so you have a chance to hear your inner wisdom. Multiply your support by calling a friend, connecting with your online support group, posting a blog or writing in your journal. With quiet and support, you can make a plan about the fractions--either leaving them behind or picking them up to make a new whole.

Caregiving can seem to divide. When you add in what you need and multiply your support, you can come out on top of the equation.


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Thank you Denise...well taken!!!