Do We Get a Free Pass?


Do We Get a Free Pass?

ticket-303706_640I was listening to the podcast of my favorite morning show, The Bob & Sheri Show, this evening while doing dishes. Some of you may have heard it. I love the banter they have and they're always interesting and make me laugh. They  have a daily chat room that can be on any topic - literally. Yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures.

Well, today the chat room was on single parents and how they felt they should be given a "free pass" so to speak on many things. When they started naming things they wanted a free pass on I thought, wait a minute! What about caregivers?! We should get a free pass!

Their suggestions (good ones, mind you) were a free pass on neglected laundry, dirty dishes, disorganization in bills and paperwork, you get the picture. Things we ALL should have a free pass on as well.

Single parents do have it hard. I was one myself. Those were hard years but this is hard too. I would have loved to have heard someone call in and say "I'm a caregiver." I think I deserve a free pass.

It made me remember that in this case we have to remember to take time for ourselves. It will be there later. The next day may not be as hectic. I tell myself that constantly. Tomorrow will probably be a catch-up day since I don't have class at school. I do have online classwork to work on though. That can't be neglected - no free pass there. lol.

In this month of recognition of caregivers I really wish there was more out there for us all to help us feel better as a whole. If we crash and burn, we can't take care of our loved ones. If we get run down (as I do from time to time), things just don't go as well.

So remember, take some time for you this week. Even if it's an hour a day. I just wanted to share that little tidbit. I couldn't help but think of us when I was listening today.

Have a wonderful rest of the week friends!

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Your post gave me an idea: What if we organized a Caregiving Free Pass Day (or something like that--we can think of the title)? Encouraging family caregivers to give themselves a pass for the day--to take it easy, to let themselves off the hoook, to enjoy a little quiet time.\r\n\r\nWhat do you think? \r\n\r\n\"This holiday season, give yourself a gift of a free pass: Caregiving Free Pass Day.\"


It's good to have friends.