Do You Feel You Must Explain?


Do You Feel You Must Explain?

scrabble-15546_640Last night during our Story-Telling Sunday, Michelle Seitzer shared an interesting insight about caring for her daughter, who has cerebral palsy. Michelle finds herself explaining to everyone, including strangers, about her daughter's disorder.

I found that really interesting. I wonder if we feel we must explain what makes us different.

So, I'm curious: Do you explain your caree's disability or disease to others? Do you find yourself explaining in certain situations or to everyone? Can you tell when you're explaining to educate and when you're explaining out of nerves? Please share your experiences in our comments section, below.

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Dear Cathy,\r\nI believe that Alzheimer's Association has preprinted cards that they will give you.


Hi Cathy--Can you explain your aunt's diagnosis when you schedule the procedure?\r\n\r\nSome family caregivers create small cards they hand out which explains additional attention a caree may need (like your aunt needs you to accompany her). You could give a card at the time you check in which explains that you must accompany your aunt.\r\n\r\nI would also add that you can simply say, \"I need to be with my aunt to answer your questions.\" It's upfront and factual and actually saves your aunt from the embarrassment of not being able to answer questions.


I feel like I have to explain outbursts, or apologize for them happening.