Doctors Appointment


Doctors Appointment

praying-614374_640Well, we actually made it to the doctor's office on Monday - barely.  Mom was in such a bad state that she wasn’t able to complete the appointment.  She said she needed to go to the car after about 10 minutes and lay down as she felt she was about to lose consciousness plus she was dry heaving.

I got her to the car just in time.  She looked so lifeless, it broke my heart. I went back in and finished the appointment. Mom’s blood work isn’t good. The one excellent bit of news is that her liver enzymes are back in the normal range - praise the Lord! They were three times higher than the normal range back in December, and now they are normal again - thank you SO much for the prayers!

The doctor is gravely concerned that she is at an imminent risk of heart attack and stroke. We can’t seem to get her cholesterol or triglycerides down. The doctor also thinks that her infected toe (we have been fighting the infection for 10 months now) could possibly have moved into the bone of her foot and may require surgery. She is going to coordinate transport via ambulance to her urology appointment next week. I am trying to see if we can forgo the silly appointment. All he will do is look at the chart, look at Mom and say come back in a week for surgical removal. Mom just can't do that! I want to see if we can get her admitted into the hospital there to get the stent out, get her out-of-control diabetes under control, investigate her liver and kidney, figure out why she is having such severe cramping (she says it feel EXACTLY like it did when she was delivering my brother and myself!). She has been trying to "deliver this baby" for almost a month now!!! She is beyond exhausted. Let's get her pulmonary appointment out of the way, get her foot figured out, and whatever else they need to do.

On top of all of this, we have restarted her detox. If we can continue with the detox plan, she will be off this last (we hope) medication March 1st.

Things are really rough right now. We covet your prayers! We aren’t out of the woods yet, but we know that the Lord has the number of our days written down, and until we have lived that last day, we are invincible, we can’t die before that day and we can’t prolong our life after that day. We are in the Lord’s hands!

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15 years is such a long time to be in pain! You're such a good daughter; you're an inspiration to me. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make your mom feel good. I will keep praying for you both.


I'm thinking of you and your mom, LH. You are doing all the right things, providing wonderful care and advocating with fantastic assertiveness. I'm wishing you both a day that brings much comfort and peace.


It's hard to imagine just how much suffering one human body can stand, and how much suffering her loved ones can bear watching it. I hope someone pays attention to you and gives her a chance. I can't begin to imagine what you're going thru but you're in my thoughts.