Does Your Dog Read Your Blog? My Dog Ate My Housework


Does Your Dog Read Your Blog? My Dog Ate My Housework

You shall not sweep! You shall not sweep!

I know that I always tell other caregivers to take breaks during the day. I don't always follow my own advice. My husband, kids and some neighbors tell me to get out more, I don't always have to be doing something for Mom, the kids or the house. I feel like I do.

Apparently my American Pit Bull Terrier, Rusty, agrees with my family and friends. He has come up with preventative measures to keep me from doing housework. He does sit on my foot at the PC while I type. I am wondering if he can actually read my caregiving blog.

We have hardwood floors and sometimes I have to sweep the downstairs area twice a day and then lightly mop or use a swifter sweeper. Why so often you ask? Mom (AKA Graceldoor) drops crumbs all over sneaking cookies to her room while Rusty sneaks in through the garage and hides toys in the house plants which leaves little bits of potting soil by the patio door. Which caused my OSD (Over Swifter Disorder). One day last week I looked for an hour and could not find the swifter.

Rusty leaves little organic presents in the back yard in the morning. If my son hasn't done his chores and cleaned them up I will clean the area myself. By then my neighbor hears me fussing at Rusty for leaving gifts on the water hose. My neighbor is always on a ladder cleaning his gutter or trimming a tree. I think he thinks he's on the old sitcom "Home Improvement". I should be used to it by now but he always startles me. Probably because this happens every day in the morning before 8 a.m. My neighbor asked me why the swifter was sticking out of Rusty's dog house. Rusty fell on his back and played dead and ignored me.

I took the swifter in the house, put on a new cloth and Rusty comes out of nowhere and takes the cloth off the swifter and goes in the garage with it.This happens two more times and I give up. Mom is still asleep and it's a pretty morning so I just end up taking Rusty for a walk. While I'm getting his leash I noticed that my pink feather duster is also in his dog house. Either he plans on doing some dog house cleaning or he is trying to keep me from doing my housework.

I enjoyed the morning and it was good to get some exercise .The crumbs and potting soil were waiting for us when we got back

I think Rusty wanted me to take some time for myself and for him, too. So if you won't take time for yourself, your pet might just give you a wake-up call. After he reads your blog. of course.

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Ohhhh, MissAngie, I love this post! We think we can't---take time off, take a break, stop doing--until someone (like Rusty) shows us that of course we can. The housework will always be there. Time with Rusty is finite. \r\n\r\nWishing you and Rusty many more walks.


I'm still grinning at \"little organic presents.\" And the trails of cookie crumbs leading to toys hidden in the houseplants. <i>Love</i> Rusty's dog house decor! :D I'm glad you got some fresh air and exercise. As you said, the stuff waits. :-)