Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer

427464_10150942130886426_1718939097_nAs I sit here this evening listening to the far off thunder, I can also hear my neighbor's black lab barking its fool head off. It's part relaxing and part aggravating.

However, I got to thinking about how helpful our two dogs are with taking care of Mike when he is having a bad day. Brutis (the big, black one), is mainly Mike's dog. We got Brutis as a rescue from the SPCA when we first married as we wanted to get each other a present, but as most newlyweds... we were broke. Mike wanted a shepherd and I wanted a lab; Brutis managed to fill both categories. Fred is our terrier mix who we got as a buddy for Brutis when he was about 4 so that makes him about 6 and Brutis, 10.

When Mike is having a bad day and I am at work, Brutis seems to fill in as a caregiver by proxy. He refuses to leave Mike's side and when he is suffering from the chills and curled up with his favorite blanket. That dog thinks nothing of curling up with him. When Mike is in pain, he will sit with him, not wanting anything other than to be near his dad. And it seems to help Mike remain calm and relax enough to ride out the worst of it.

Both Brutis and Fred are motivators for Mike on good days as well. They seem to know that he is limited in his activities, but that doesn't mean he can't kick their ball for them or throw their rope toy in our backyard. When we have come back from ER trips, they are beyond happy to see us come home.

For me Fred, is my little saviour. When I am tired and stressed out from the world, he knows to just cuddle up and give me a good ol' dog sigh. They motivate me to get moving because we all need the exercise and they make me laugh when I need it the most.

I may have family and friends that come when asked, but I have two little buddies that know what I need and when I need it the most.

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Hi Chris--Such a lovely post. :) So glad to meet the other members of your family. I would say you are all lucky to have each other.


Our little canine caregiver, a small terrier mix, is a big help around here too. She seems to sense when Meals on Wheels, or home health nurses are due and she alerts us, even before the doorbell rings, which gives Dean a better chance at reaching the door in a timely fashion.\r\n\r\nBesides that, she loves to lie in our laps and soak up love, which comes flowing back to us in so many ways. They call them therapy dogs, but maybe we should call them caregiver dogs!