Doing It For Me


Doing It For Me

wedding-rings-169580_640Much has happened in the last three weeks since Dean's emergency room visit with blood sugars peaking at 810. Needless to say, nurses are still struggling to tame the numbers (and him) with insulin. He's been in a nursing rehab facility all this time.

I finally decided that his care with this new diagnosis was beyond my ability to provide. So, after many inquiries and turn-downs, we have finally found an assisted living community that has accepted him with his Medicaid and the diabetes. His move-in date is set for this Sunday. I am beyond ecstatic!

I know his many health problems for a 70-year-old senior probably don't seem too daunting for the average person. But the dementia from his brain injury 17 years ago has made his treatments much more challenging than you would think. Simply getting him to change his socks every day has resurfaced since he's been away from home. I will have to think of new ways to entice him to do just ordinary things, in order to prevent him from having problems down the line.

But wait a minute, perhaps I'll just let his new nurses deal with it. This new arrangement should mean Dean and I can be on much friendlier terms. I won't have to be his nurse/mother/sheriff/fun-spoiler any longer. Maybe we can just be husband and wife again. I can only hope.

The good Lord has helped all this come about for us -- getting accepted at the Waterford. I know God impressed a friend to plead in our behalf and she's probably responsible for them taking a second look at us and our getting in this very fine facility. I helped Myra years ago when she was having a rough spot, and my reward has turned out to be greater than I could have imagined.

I'm not sure what my future caregiving will look like but I am optimistic that it will be an improvement on what I would physically and mentally be able to do here at home. I will still be his advocate, protector, and provider. I really don't think I'll feel any less a part of his life. But it will be a change in scenery -- for both of us.

It will take a while for Dean to settle into his new life, but I know he can do it, because he says he's doing it for me. And in that, I do have confidence.

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I sometimes wish I could go back to just being a daughter and granddaughter. Sadly, I don't think it will happen in this life, this world. But I am truly happy for you and him both.\r\nGod bless you and keep you, now and always.


I just love this blog, Teresa! Another reminder of what happens when we leg to--we let in other blessings. Thank you so much for this post. :)