Doing the Happy Dance


Doing the Happy Dance

tulips-47399_640(1)I have not had a chance to even post an update to our marvelous geriatrician appointment and meeting the elder care team. I have been happy dancing.

Mom is a totally new person! Going off the Metformin was like a miracle! This is the woman I schlepped all over the country last year, this is the woman who carries on a conversation and tells her stories of her day and who she had lunch with at the day care! She's baaaacckkk!

My mom has always been a "trooper". When I got the notion to complete her bucket list with her last year, she was all in. We traveled over 6,000 miles together (you can see our adventures at but start at the June posting to follow it in order). We packed up the wheelchair, the rollator, the folding shower chair and we set off on adventures.

Over the last several months, that was changing quickly. She was not eating well, she was losing weight, her mind seemed to be drifting away and I was very worried we were nearing the end of the journey. I knew, at almost 93, I could not expect the vagabond spirit to last forever, but this seemed so quick that something told me it wasn't "normal".  Being the bulldog that I am, I sought out answers. I came here, I read all I could on declining toward the end of the journey, I asked lots of questions and finally found the elder care program and the geriatrician.

I am so happy she is back. I am so happy that whenever this journey ends, it will be in the best place it can be for her. I am grateful to have found what we needed, someone who understood the unique challenges of being over 90 and how to manage those to make the best quality of life continue as long as possible. I am so happy one little pill dropped from her daily routine changed her life.

I have been so busy going back to exercising, being able to converse with Mom, sitting out in the beautiful spring weather, eating dinner on the patio and generally enjoying life. Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!

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This is just fantastic news, Sharon. Always wonderful to hear of an effective solution that doesn't cost anything but gives you back so much. I hope you're continuing to dance.


Happy in my heart, too, for your good news, for quality of life for your mom. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Wonderful. It's amazing how one wrong medication can make such a huge difference and I think this happens way too frequently. So happy for you.

Lillie Fuller

Happy Dance!!!


So so so thankful for all of this!\r\n\r\nA great thing for us all to remember, that one medication change can truly make a difference.\r\n\r\nSo glad you were a tenacious advocate for your Mom!