Doing Wheelies Down the Hall


Doing Wheelies Down the Hall

So this whole walker thing... going to add wheels. The standard no wheel walker wasn't working - now sure we could have given it more time but the physical therapist said "hey, let's try one with wheels" so tonight at therapy we played with a walker with two wheels in the front.

She took off with it, small steps but quick ones... zoom. Turning corners she went up on one wheel but mostly did well with it. Still makes me really nervous.

You can get wheel attachments online, with little ski glides for the back supports for about $16. So I got her a basket with a cup holder for the walker too. Wouldn't have gotten the basket but for the cup holder. Once she gets used to the walker MAYBE we'll have fewer spilled cups of Kool-Aid, coffee, Diet Coke or milk all over my hardwood floors. Which reminds me... I need to find a way to deep clean them without damaging them.

Not as much passive-aggressive behavior after therapy tonight, the wheels may have helped. Also that the original therapist we had been working with was back. We had a different one the last two times and boy! she did NOT like that.

It's important to have consistency. But I  think we may be headed away from that in terms of the caregivers we have. The one we've had the longest who, after a rocky start, Mom likes rather well is starting to slack off and screw up. This isn't her and when I mentioned it to the supervisor she said that they had noticed something was off too. Well today, I called up the camera on my phone 15 minutes after the caregiver left. Mom's pants were pulled up properly, her poor butt and hip were uncovered. This of course means that her underwear wasn't where it needed to be in case of an accident.

When I got home the morning's wash (her PJs and the mattress pad) was still in the washer. Now, the wash cycle takes all of 30 minutes, the dry cycle 45 minutes. No reason that she couldn't also dry as well as wash. The other caregiver does. I had called up the camera earlier in the day - I do that to check and the caregiver knows the camera is there, she just never knows when I call it up - and I noticed that she appeared to be doing homework. Which okay so long as she can keep an eye on Mom and get stuff done I don't mind. But when the dishes from breakfast and lunch are still in the sink, there's a mess in the sink from dumping out unfinished Kool-Aid with the thickener. Now, how hard is it to rinse the sink? Or wash the cup? Or MAYBE follow the instructions I left that makes for less goop left in the bottom of the cup. Yet the dish soap bottle is always open as if she's used some. TO WASH WHAT??

Also out of place today was the duster (you know, the Swiffer thingy) was sitting on the dining room table. Full of dust, as in dirty. What the hell?

See this isn't her, or it wasn't her.  I'm actually worried about this girl. And I really worried that we're going to have to let her go and that Mom is going to be upset. She doesn't need to be upset. We have enough to be upset about thank you very much.

And because of all that worry, it's kind of fun to watch her pop a few wheelies unintentional though they may be as she goes down the hall.

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Cat....thanks for sharing. You have a way of lightening up the moment while telling it like it really is...hope the wheelies help...