a-flower-for-you-173549_640It can feel like you've donated your life to charity.

Maybe you didn't box up all those parts of you that made up your life. Perhaps you didn't pack up each piece--who you love and what you love--in old newspaper pages to keep each safe in the box. Maybe you didn't drop off the box full of your life at Goodwill.

But it sure feels like it. You couldn't participate in your life any longer so you gave it away.

It's hard to keep a life during caregiving. With each crisis, caregiving stops your life, which means you have to restart it over and over. Soon, it feels like your life is no longer, it's just pieces you walked over as you left them behind.

Except you didn't. You haven't donated or lost or left behind your life.

It's still with you. It just needs a little dusting off and de-cluttering and re-organizing. You live a different life now which means your life needs to reflect that.

You can keep a life during caregiving.

You, after all, are life's greatest donor, giving over and over. Your life stays with you because it wants to give back to you, life's most deserving recipient.

You've donated. Now, receive.

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