"Don't Eat!"


"Don't Eat!"

Smiley_green_alien_sick.svg.medMy dad arrived home at about 6 last night, which meant my parents and my sisters waited about five hours for the discharge to happen.

He's still not feeling well and battling an upset stomach. The car ride home didn't help. When he arrived home, for some reason he wanted Metamucil, which he then proceeded to throw up. He was so tired and the last thing he needed was more upsets. With my mom's help, he was finally able to connect his bag to his nighttime drainage bag and then went to sleep.

Once he settled in to his bed, my mom and I called my cousin, who just finished a treatment for bladder cancer. We're doing our best to be a support for her as she also takes care of her mom who has dementia. Any more, it feels like you're either needing care or providing care.

I'm on way my to Washington, DC, as a I type this. (I'll be participating in an event, "Family Matters in Caregiving and Technology Adoption," at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.) I'm feeling odd leaving them, although they are in good hands with the visiting nurse, scheduled to arrive this morning, and my sisters. Last night, I decided it was okay to be away because I'm with my parents at night to help. Last night, though, I slept right through my dad throwing up again. It's so hard to reconcile the worry and the guilt and the need to keep your life going.

This morning, my dad got up to sit at the breakfast table, sipping ginger ale I spiked with a smashed Tylenol. We don't have a pill crusher so I used a rolling pin on a cutting board. "Don't eat today, " I said.. "I think your intestine is healing from the surgery and can't tolerate food. Just focus on drinking fluids today." He agreed, my mom agreed.

My dad's plan for the day, he said before I left, included time on the computer. Catching up on his volunteer work and email messages also will help the healing.

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Lillie Fuller

Just being at home has got to make all the difference. Do you have a baby monitor you could use for now so you can hear when he wakes in the night?


Glad your Dad is home. I hope he feels better soon as it takes time to recover. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care and GOD Bless.


Glad to hear your dad is home in his own space, and sounds like he has many helping hands around him. I hope every day you all see improvement and feel more confident of his recovery.