Down time...


Down time...


In the chat room the other day, we were talking about down time and how elusive it could be and how needed it was and the differences. Made me think about the catalysts for down time. We always talk about need for self-care and “our” time and how important it is for us as caregivers. And, I say “absolutely.” We need to carve at time for ourselves whether it is a respite day or a 5-minute mental getaway.

But, there is the other kind of down time. When you can’t get yourself going. When the “overwhelmingness” of caregiving becomes so overwhelming, you can’t put a foot forward. Those are the times, when the journey we are on seems so much bigger than we are and that there are too many things to do and too many questions to answer and too much laundry to do….just too much. And, so we have down time, but it isn’t the kind that makes us feel better. It just makes us feel more hopeless and forlorn. When we just sit and the mind doesn’t function or doesn’t turn off.

I struggle at times with those down times and am learning that when I feel the down coming on that I need to reach out. I make sure I go to chat. I messaged my chat friends and say “hey”. I go for a walk. I pray. I get on my Gazelle and walk and listen to upbeat music. I move. I count my blessings. I acknowledge my feelings and try to problem solve what is happening. I move through the feeling.

We always have emotions on this journey. Sometimes, they are paralyzing and I am so grateful for this site, the chats, these friends, healing tears, my husband, my family and my caree, because they help me move through the crippling down times so that I can appreciate the respite good times, participate fully in the journey, and seek the good "down times".

Thank you Denise for this site and for the friends who have helped me grow as a person in this process. I am forever grateful.


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I have found that preparing for the \"Down Time\" can be very stressing. Making sure that all the \"T's\" are crossed and \"I's\" are dotted. Making sure all the possible scenarios are prepared for. Writing the list of \"Things I do\". It makes me \"down\", mostly because it is then that I realize just how much I do. Then when I get back from \"My Time\", everything has to be gotten back to normal. Nothing is where it is supposed to be and It takes a week to get everything back in place. I often wonder if it is worth it.


You expressed that so well. Thank you for sharing.