deco-676389_640Somehow, the two of you got dragged into this.

You fought it. You tried to bribe it to go away. You prayed for it to leave.

But it stays.

Illness and its friend, caregiving, are a total drag. Party poopers, if you will.

They weigh you down. Hold you back. Keep you up at night.

But it's the life you have.

So, you decide they are a drag but you won't be. You'll do your best, make the best of it, claw through to find your silver lining.

They are a drag. You are life.

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Lillie Fuller

I don't think I would call it a drag. It's not a term I have used to describe my caregiving situation. My mom is my life and even though I'd like to get out more, i'd love more sleep and i'd like to have part of my used to be life back, I don't think it's a drag.


It was a drag for a little while, but now I really miss it. . . taking care of someone who meant so much to me. It wasn't that much of a drag because I loved taking care of my MIL. It may nave been a bit of a drag as not being able to go anywhere because I had no one here to help with her. That's the only time it was a drag. Now I don't feel like going anywhere. My MIL was life.