stop-634941_640It's not here.

You may not even be able to see it coming.

But, it feels like it sits right next to you at dinner. It walks with you when you get out to take a break. Even worse, it wakes you up (actually, it shakes you up) in the middle of the night.

It's the awful dread. You're dreading what's to come. And, it's not like your imagination is running wild or you're overreacting or you're over-analyzing. You know what's coming.

How do you manage the dread of the reality that's to come?

Hold on to the reality of the moment you have. In this moment, you are strong, you are capable, you are blessed. In this moment, you have possibilities and opportunities and chances. In this moment, you create your memories which will comfort when what you dread arrives.

In this moment, you have all that you want to hold dear.

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Before my husband became ill I wouldn't have believed it possible but it is -- you can know what's coming (and it's not good) and still enjoy a beautiful moment. It happened yesterday -- we went out for Chinese on my lunch hour. Nothing fancy. But we smiled into one another's eyes and life was good in that moment.


Thank you for this poem about Dread. I needed it. Thanks.