Dreaming of a Cure for the Sniffles


Dreaming of a Cure for the Sniffles

tissue-paperMy dad has allergies. I'm no allergist, but I would say the allergies are severe. They aren't seasonal because they make it through winter. His allergies weren't phased by last winter's severe cold and constant snow. They showed up just like a pollen-filled spring day.

He treats his constant congestion by sniffing. He sniffles (sometimes snorts) consistently throughout the day. When he's not sniveling, he's loudly blowing his nose like he's playing the horn or sneezing.The force of his sneezes seem to move the house and my wig and my dentures, if I wore them.

I do not like all this sniffling. I haven't liked it for the past 52 years, the length of my life. I do not like to listen to the sniffles while I'm eating and pretending not to hear that he's talking with food in his mouth or that he chews with his mouth open. But, that's a topic for another post.

Over the years, I've offered suggestions like, "You'll feel better if you take care of your allergies. It's not good to keep sniffling that back up."

Whatever the suggestion, the reply remains the same. "I don't like how that stuff dries up my nose," he'll say.

"What have your tried," I'll ask.


So, he's tried nothing to help his allergies but confident that anything won't work.

Yesterday, I couldn't help but think: Maybe now I'll be able to get some Zyrtec in him. Maybe a window will open that will allow Zyrtec to climb in.

I dream of a cure of the sniffles which, given all his problems, is quite shallow of me. His sniffles, which drive me nuts and give me the heeby-jeebies, are the least of his problems.

But, I still would love to get some Zyrtec in him.

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