Early Morning Writing

daffy don

Early Morning Writing

daffy don
sunrise-1239727_640There are heroes in this world

I am not a hero, just a caregiver

My sweetie is the hero as she faces

Disappearing into a void where

The only way out is to die.


And so I ask the higher power

Not to worry about me, but

Look kindly on my sweetie and

Let her passing be gentle

As she makes her final exit.


And so let us enjoy

This, our final honeymoon

That we have come to be sharing

As darkness overtakes her love

And she slowly drifts away.


And so since she must go, please

Let her go gradually, gently

Into that dark night that awaits her

And discover a new beginning

Somewhere beautiful.


And so let me go too, to find peace

in remembering a beautiful love

Carrying her in my inner heart

While life moves slowly onward

And I go on towards my final exit.