Easter & The Confusing Fork


Easter & The Confusing Fork

So I made Easter dinner for Mom and I. The last couple of holiday meals I made did not go well. Christmas and Thanksgiving both we're pretty awful. This time though she did not spit out her food she didn't have a fit, things went pretty well. She actually ate everything in front of her. But here's the downside.

She has apparently forgotten how to use a fork. She holds it in her hand perfectly properly But she picks up food with her other hand then puts it on the fork and then puts it in her mouth. The concept of stabbing the food with the fork to pick it up that way is lost on her.

While this wasn't too big of a problem for the sliced ham, when it came to the peas, baked beans, and au gratin potatoes it got pretty messy. Not sure I can get the stains out of her linen dress.

She's also not good at using a napkin. She tends to wipe her face with her hand and may or may not wipe the hand on the napkin. So on the plus side: she ate all her food. On the negative side: the fork has completely confused her.

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I'm sitting at the table with you right this minute. Old rules and standards are out. Good for you for seeing there is a plus side!


Good for you.\n