Eighteen Wishes for You


Eighteen Wishes for You

cupcakes-380178_640In honor of our 18th birthday, I wish for you:

  • a love that lasts;

  • a constant and steady stream of support;

  • a bank account that stays positive, even if only by one cent;

  • a chance to feel better;

  • an opportunity to achieve;

  • a daily dose of laughter;

  • a reminder that you are understood;

  • a rainbow after your storm;

  • a forgiving heart;

  • a comforting perspective;

  • a full tank of gas;

  • a stocked refrigerator;

  • a mirror which reflects your worth;

  • a favorite chair and blanket that keeps you warm as you rest;

  • a song that keeps you dancing;

  • a vista that keeps you moving;

  • a friendly smile so you know you belong;

  • a memory that soothes your soul.

Thanks so much for being here with us!


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