Eighth Hospital Stay in as Many Months


Eighth Hospital Stay in as Many Months

hospital-736568_640Well we are home again!

We just survived yet another hospital stay; this has been a bad year for going to the hospital! We need to stop this trend!!!

Mom's blood pressure and blood glucose have been on the rise (NOT a good thing) for quite a while now. I have been calling and calling her "medical professional" who is in charge of her case for months on end trying to get medications to combat these problems. She has also had an infection (UTI)  for months but the "medical professional" doesn't care. Since when is it safe for a person with kidney disease and only one kidney to have a UTI festering for months on end?!

We have been fighting the VA because Mom is bedbound and they refuse to do anything because we can't get in to the clinic to see the "medical professional". They have access to Skype and "telehealth" (medical version of skype) but they won't use these technologies to assist their bedbound patients! (There are at least four others who are UNABLE to come into the clinic for "medical professional" visits).

Poor Mom has been suffering for so long due to their neglect. The "medical professional" doesn't seem to understand the difference between "unable" and "unwilling". She just keeps saying over and over again that Mom is just "unwilling" to come in. She says she just needs to buck up, get out of bed, and come in to get treated. Oh I wish this "medical professional" could come and spend 24 hours in my shoes; see what I see, hear what I hear, assist Mom how I assist her. she would leave in tears at the agony that Mom suffers and she would be compelled to do EVERYTHING she could possibly do to help ease Mom's suffering even if just for a moment! There is a reason this disease is rated as the MOST PAINFUL DISEASE KNOWN TO MAN!

Alas, this "medical professional" has a heart of stone and does not care for the suffering and pain of others. She said basically to stop calling and just make an appointment. She will not fill any medications or give any advice. We HAVE to come in, regardless of how impossible this is. (We even asked her to write a prescription for palliative care to send a doctor over to check on Mom. She refuses! It is a FREE service, costs the VA NOTHING, and yet she refuses to allow Mom to be treated at home. We would have to have a service come from 70 miles away to put her on a gurney and drive her to the clinic. Is she is even able to be touched to transfer to the gurney? If not, they will have to go home and try again another day. the clinic is too small for a gurney so I am guessing she will have to be seen in the parking lot.  She is unable to be touched so basically the "medical professional" will just look at her and talk endlessly about meaningless things, and then we will go home where Mom will suffer terribly from her "outing" for possibly a month. It is SO stupid in my humble opinion!  Use the technology! Or have a doctor come to the house! Why would you make your patients suffer needlessly?

Well, with all of the stress of fighting this "medical professional" as well as the VA on many fronts all at once, Mom's BG went SKY high and I was forced to call the paramedics to rush her to the hospital. She also had one of the worst headaches of her life. She was in bad shape due to the pain by the time she reached the hospital. Her BP was in "stroke levels" and they could not get it down. They pumped her full of pain meds and other meds and yet her BP was still 190/110 approximately. It was also found out that she had a horrid UTI (which we knew) and they immediately pushed four liters of fluids as well as IV antibiotics (five bags of them!) to try to get the raging infection under control.

They admitted her within a few hours. We were so blessed to have good nurses who were willing to understand that Mom isn't a head of cattle and they were willing to adapt to treat Mom with respect and kindness. They were quiet around her and advised her that they were going to touch her before they did so she could steal herself away for the pain to come. They were even willing to do most of their work without turning on the surface of the sun lights. Mom had her eye mask and ear plugs and she used them. They were able to get her BGs out of the mid 400's range with two different insulins as well as her pills for diabetes. We couldn't get her BP down until day 4.

Everyone, except for two not-so-nice, nurses were wonderful. We put a sign on the closed door to alert people that Mom is sensitive to light, touch, and sound and most people were considerate of that. They did a CT scan because I was afraid we might have a brain bleed or something else going on because her headaches were SO severe for the past week. That turned out to be normal, praise the Lord.

Thankfully the nurses finally accepted that their BP machines were too painful for Mom to endure and they were willing to use my wrist BP cuff. They tested both out on me and realized that they were comparable in their results. Our BP cuff is much less painful for Mom, and she is used to how it works. It is still excruciating but ours is quicker. We finally got a good BP reading on Saturday and the doctor came in and said you can go home now. He gave us an RX for some meds and now the fight really begins with Mom's "medical professional".  We are praying that she will agree that Mom needs these medications and will renew them. She has refused medications from other doctors in the past. What is funny is she is a NURSE (LPN), not even a doctor, and she has the power to decide what medications are and are not needed!!! It is beyond frustrating but welcome to the VA health system!

So the fight for me begins today. I went ahead and purchased two medications on Saturday from Walmart-=the antibiotic and the BP medication. The last time I did this, it took one calendar year of me calling every week to get reimbursed. It was $20 and it took them a year! This time it was $14 and we probably won't see it for a year. Sigh. But she needed the meds and the doctor advised that I purchase them and get her started right away on them. We don't want her infection turning into a drug resistant infection! And we don't want her heart exploding with high BP! So let the fighting begin! We are also increasing her BG medication if her "medical professional" agrees that her diabetes is actually a bad thing and needs to be better controlled. We shall see what she "thinks".

We are both SO tired of fighting. It seems we are the only ones who are fighting for Mom's life. I truly believe all the way down into the bones that Mom's "medical professional" just wants her to go away and die. Mom is too complicated of a case and is too much trouble because she is unable to just push through the "pain" and get out of bed, exercise, and come into the clinic every month.

Anyway, there is my rant. :) I am SO glad to have Mom back home again. Hospitals are hard on us both. On the upside, we were overall very pleased with this hospital stay--it has been the best we have had in years. They even fed me this time!!!!

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Thank you for the prayers - much appreciated. I think each hospital stay takes it out of me as well! Takes longer and longer to bounce back! 22 times in 2 years - I am SORRY! Prayers for you as well!


Oh, gosh, LH, you've got such an exhausting battle! I'm so sorry it's so hard to get what your mom needs. I think it's incredibly demoralizing to have to constantly fight with the health care system, which should help and not hurt!! \n\nI hope you and your mom can enjoy a day of calm today and that you have just what you need.


What a tireless advocate you are and have always been for your mother. Your knowledge of the health care system is staggering; too bad it was acquired this way! I'm glad to hear she was treated compassionately by some nurses in the hospital, and she received some helpful care. Hope the medications bring her a new relief she hasn't experienced yet.


I am so sorry that your mother has been suffering so and beyond frustrated for you that her \"medical professional\" is so uncooperative. Wishing you peace.


That is horrible. Most health professionals know that a UTI can also cause older people to go through episodes of dementia or even psychosis. With the blood pressure and blood glucose off, too, that's unconscionable.

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