Elly Graduated to Heaven!


Elly Graduated to Heaven!

tree-255334_640Our caregiving journey with Elly ended peacefully on Friday morning. Her brother had driven from Idaho a day earlier than planned as I saw the signs of her departure were imminent. When I took him to see her, she was not opening her eyes much but I told her that her brother was here. Elly took great effort to talk that Thursday afternoon and said, "Don't waste his time." Those were the last words I heard her say. I looked across to him and said with a wry smile, "She is always thinking of everyone else." I don't know to this day if he was offended. Elly, his sister, was his second mother. Elly's mom was pregnant with her brother at the same time Elly was pregnant with her second child. Both children were boys and both had the same name -- go figure that one out!!! So, by the time these two were old enough to argue, they would sit on the porch and say "She's my Mom!" "No, she's not, she's my sister!" It must have been confusing at a young age.

Friday morning, I sat with Elly's brother, my great uncle, and shared some of his mother's autograph books that came from Russia dated in the late 1800's thru 1930's. They are written in German script so we are not sure what was written, possibly greetings as his mom was engaged, then married, then leaving Russia and then Elly had written something in the last page as a young lady. I asked if he wanted to go see Elly that morning, but he didn't. I was content, figured NurseySis was there checking on her. The call came, yes, NurseySis was there with a couple of dear caregivers from the company we had hired for the last week and a half. It was sweet and peaceful graduation to heaven from their perspective. I am grateful for the journey. I've learned more and feel like I have finished the course with her and Grandpa. You all here have helped me by coaching and making sure I could do it! I know it was God's calling for me to walk, run and stay steady for the long haul!

I have lots to do this week to get a graveside meeting together, making sure everything is ready for Friday. We will not have a memorial service as per her wishes. I feel like I may have an open house for her former co-workers and people who are expecting to offer some kind of condolences to a member of the family. I can make it an ice cream social in her honor. It's an awkward kind of ending because of our traditions of memorial services. I will have to get the ice cream batches started.

My journey with my father's hospice care has started and I must confess, I feel like I need to be a soldier going into ambush to advocate for his care -- another blog and may need a new name!!!

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Hugs and prayers! Thanks for sharing with us. Elly was so blessed to have you. May God bless you as you advocate and care for your Dad.


Thank you for sharing Elly with us and her (your) journey. Lifting you up in prayer during this time!


What a wonderful title and saying! I'm sure you'll continue to be the caregiving soldier you are! Bless you for all you do!


EGD, I'm so sorry for your loss. You have been on a long journey with Elly and you always impressed me with you love and devotion to her. My heart goes out to you as you continue navigating your caregiving journey with your dad. I hope you will take comfort in the wonderful job you did caring for Elly... I'm sure she was grateful. Hugs.


Graduated to Heaven is the best way to say it. So often we get caught up in the grief and not the joy of knowing they are in a far better place. RIP Elly!

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