Elly Visited the Hospital


Elly Visited the Hospital

As we were enjoying a respite time at the Coast just steps from the ocean, I got the text from Nursey Sister that Elly decided she needed to go to the Dr. to see about her very painful leg wound/now ulcer.

Elly, 12/23 Elly, 12/23

She ended up at the ER fairly quickly by 1 p.m. and had tests done and by 11 p.m. Nursey Sister got to go home leaving Elly in a room settled for the night. The next day Saturday we came home on target and visited with Elly. She was so happy in the hospital, happy with the food and the nurses. I guess she needed a vacation too! Sunday, we unpacked our stuff and I spent the afternoon with Elly in the hospital. It looked like she would only stay another day or so. Monday morning, Awesome Hubby and I ripped through a list of MUST DO CHORES!! Stuff that I was not allowed to do, we did! The drapes were removed and praying that they will survive the laundromat washer. After 10-plus years of more of never being washed, I couldn't take it anymore!!!

We now know there was a serious infection in her leg wound that the doctor was a bit surprised at the type, but given my concerns about Elly's hygiene, no surprise to me! This just confirmed that she will not have her way anymore with the privacy of cleaning her own bathroom. We are going to insist on weekly cleanings by us or have someone come in. I will start with a serious talk with her privately, then Awesome Hubby says he will insist on having his way - cleaning her bathroom.

I have to go spring her soon so, yes, she plans to be home for Christmas but we could have used one more day!!!

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Isn't she a doll! What a great opportunity to get things clean and have the ammunition to keep it that way! Best of luck, you and she will feel better (or maybe only you and Awesome Hubby). Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Good for you for striking while the iron is hot! That's the silver lining around a hospital stay. Even better that Elly was happy with the food and the nurses!\r\n\r\nI've made it a habit to collect supporting documentation. My partner tells doctors that a gastric bypass had been done on her when it wasn't, so I got a note from the gastroenterologist saying specifically that no such surgery had been performed. I also got a note from my partner's GP attesting to her non-compliance with meds. So instead of my partner's word against mine, I have the documentation to share with other healthcare professionals. I wonder if a doctor's note attesting to the need for better bathroom hygiene would help, in case Elly puts up a fight once she gets home.\r\n\r\nBlessings to you and yours this holiday season and for the New Year!