flower-193452_640It started one day when you looked up and asked, "What else could possibly go wrong?"

And, then that one day turned into more days, which became months and then morphed into years.

What else could go wrong?

Often, despair asks that question. Hope is losing, faith is thinning. When fatigue and despondency enter a day, you can't help but ask that question.

And, yet, you continue. You tackle the problems, you sort out the issues, you unearth the solutions. You keep going.

When it all goes wrong, you are what's right. When it all looks wrong, you are what's right.

You are right because you keep trying, you plug away, you brainstorm.

You are what's right within your life.

When you wonder what else could go wrong, know that we believe in you and what you do--regardless of what else happens.

With all that you overcome, a day will come during which you don't ask, "What else can go wrong?" Instead, you will ask, "What else can I accomplish?"

Because when all else fails, you become the exception. All else fails but you.

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