Emergency Room!


Emergency Room!

Beach(Editor's Note: Chris wrote this post yesterday.)

We've made a trip to the emergency room on Wednesday as 'The Little One' experienced a bad spell of laborious breathing through the night and early Wednesday morning.

He has been fearful of this trip but he insisted on coming to the emergency room this morning. The recent struggles with the esophagus and tumor has produced quite a bit of discomfort for him this week. Now a week into his steroid medication without any outward signs of relief, we are where we are supposed to be today.

As I (we) sit here waiting and worrying, our best source of comfort comes from our faith, our family, and our friends. For me, I find relief in writing.

We don't know what is ahead of us today, but in essence, do any of us? Sure our schedules are filled with appointments, telephone calls and meetings. But all those things can wait because when you get right down to it. There is nothing more important in life than being present to the one you love.

Today we are going to try to be as calm as an ocean breeze!

You see... we might have cancer, but cancer does not have us!

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Casandra Porter

I love this line, \"There is nothing more important in life than being present to the one you love.\"\r\n\r\nIt is so very true. \r\n\r\nI hope everything has turned out okay with the ER visit and that you're back home relaxing now. My prayers and love are going out to you all.