End is Near


End is Near

sunset-122864_640Well, we reached the next step. We talked to hospice today and signed Tony up for it.

He was having a bad day; his oxygen was low and he was rappling on about things.

So I guess now the end is near and he will finally be at peace.

Hospice said days or at the most a few weeks but who really knows.

As I was standing outside Tony's room today the unit supervisor came over and asked how he was doing. Not good today, oxygen level low highest was 80.

Then the supervisor said, Well it looks like it's getting to end for him and then asked if I was ready for this. As ready as I can be. Who is ever ready!!!!

So when the final step is here we will all have some type of relief, especially Tony.

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Anthony Zullo

Just wanted to thank you for all the condolences and support at this time of sorrow

Anthony Zullo

Thank you all the support ...I really appreciate it

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for sharing Kaz! You and your family are in my prayers! I'm always here for you, you know how to reach me! Love you friend!


Im so sorry Kaz. Thanks for keeping us updated.\nI'm keeping you and Toni covered in prayers.


I am so sorry, Kaz. Know we surround you with our support all the time. I'm so grateful you wrote this post to update us, which must have been such a difficult thing to do. Please keep us posted as you can. XXOO

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