Enhanced Feature: Ask Us Your Questions


Enhanced Feature: Ask Us Your Questions

lotus-265779_640In 2012, I added a section to our site called Questions and Answers so that you can ask our community for help with problems or worries or resources.

I haven't been happy with the section for awhile and have been debating about what it needs. I keep going back to a comment I heard a few years ago from a former family caregiver. "I have all this knowledge about resources and help," he said, "and no where to share it."

What we need is a place to for family caregivers to ask questions, receive answers and share their expertise and wisdom.

And, that's just what our enhanced Questions section hopes to do. You can ask questions, share answers and preserve your lessons learned to help other family caregivers.

Anyone (visitors and members) can ask and answer questions. Caregiving.com members also can ask and answer questions through the Dashboard (just like you publish posts) and can vote up or down Answers. In addition to answering questions, you also can add comments to both Questions and Answers. For instance, if you really relate to a question, you can add a comment like, "Me, too! In my situation, I also have..."). Similarly, if you want to share kudos to an Answer, you can add a comment like, "I tried this and it works great!"

As with all enhancements and additions, our Questions section is a work in progress. Currently, the section looks great on laptop or desktop but may not look so great on your mobile device. A future release of the software will fix the problem.

I've created a few questions and answers to demonstrate how we can use the section.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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LOVE this!!!!