Entry 2: May 22, 2015


Entry 2: May 22, 2015

cute-sleepin-7__bigSmiles and feel goods about those who replied to my first blog post. Nice to know you read it.

Took hubby back to the Indian Hospital Urgent Care this morning for another medication they want him to take. We went prepared for the usual three-hour wait but were in and out in 15 minutes.  Then we were able to do our banking and grocery run all before the rain set in. I made him sit in the car with I did the running--actually nice to be able to shop without him hovering. Some improvement since last Friday but still has a long way to go---but I will take whatever victory we get, no matter how small

I'm baking brownies (box mix--ha ha) but love the way they smell. Trying to make my life easier as I'm having to stretch myself to accommodate Hub's needs. I'm already in my jammies with kitty sleeping on the end of the bed, occasionally raising her head for a scratch. Taking a few deep breaths and feeling proud of myself--I did it!!!!

Take care my new friends


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So glad you are feeling the joy of little victories. They are so important! Whatever it takes to put balance in your life. You have certainly earned the right to be proud. I keep a little datebook and write down a few words about what I did that day, no matter how small or insignificant! It helps, and writing it down helps, too, when I remember I accomplished more than I thought. No one else might \"get it\" but I do.


Jammies and a kitty sounds swell to me! :) We have four (kitties, that is, although I suppose I have at least four sets of jammies, come to think of it) and they never fail to provide some much needed kitty love. Nothing wrong with boxed brownies. Growing up, my mom's doctored box version was highly requested for school bake sales. Glad to see you are blogging and look forward to your next post.


I can smell the brownies from here! :)\r\n\r\nSounds like you earned an afternoon in the jammies. I love how you give yourself permission to do what's easiest. Life is already hard, why make it harder?