flowers-482575_640We can believe our essence--the core of who we are--must be shielded from the world.

After all, maybe another will make fun of our essence. Perhaps someone will judge our essence as not being good enough. It could be that an individual may laugh at our essence.

So, we keep our essence--our values, our priorities, our gifts, our talents, our blessings--hidden, safe under lock and key.


Under lock and key, your values, priorities, gifts, talents and blessings can't help those who could be inspired or helped or comforted or supported or blessed by them.

And, that's a loss for us and for you.

It's a risk unveiling our essence to the world but it's the best possible risk to take. Our essence is the perfume our world needs. Our essence is the sunrise our world depends upon. Our essence is the chance our world holds for better.

Your essence, especially the essence you create during caregiving, deserves to shine. Polish it, care for it, let it grow. In your essence, you don't crave attention or approval or pity or the spotlight.

In your essence, you are at your best.

It's just what the world needs.

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