Everybody Smile :)


Everybody Smile :)

Hubby is still on the downward slide. Slower but still noticeable.
Yesterday he had NO idea who I was. Usually he knows me as Kathy, the woman that takes care of him and the one he is supposed to be married to.
But yesterday he had no idea who I was. Asked me who I was on more than one occasion; and if I read his reactions every time I saw him, he thought I was a different person each time. He was pensive about my presence but accepted it.

Once he asked me if I knew him and I answered yes, we have been married for more than 29 yrs!
He said WOW! LOL

Today he once again remembers me as Kathy.

We shared a big laugh this afternoon.

I reached into his candy stash and told him I was "Stealing" a piece of his candy.
(Reeses PB cups! You would too)
He laughed at me and said, "I forgot I had that."

I smiled real big and said,
"Good thing for me you forget. You don't remember you have it and won't remember I stole it!"
We laughed!!

It was a nice moment :)