Everyone Seems to Think They Know What I Need and Want


Everyone Seems to Think They Know What I Need and Want

imageOkay, I appreciate my family help and trying to make sure I don't over do it but really I am getting ready to turn 60 (Did I really say that age?). Now don't get me wrong; I appreciate the caring for me. To tell the truth I do over do it and by the time I know I have I am down for the count for a couple days.

Believe me, I love my mom but she can test my nerves almost every day. In some ways, we are too much alike; we think the same way although it just doesn't come out the right way at times.

I took my nephew to church with me as I led the children sermon and I do enjoy doing it. I just have to prepared for it which takes about eight hours for a five-minute sermon.

Today is the big day--Mom is going to interview her health caregiver. This will be a busy week as Mom has at least one appointment, I have one medical appointment (of course on my birthday), and other meetings and an annual Mother's Day brunch on Saturday we have been doing for 30 years plus. Hopefully, Mom can go. I might take my daughter-in-law, if she is talking to me.

So everyone's know I am not a writer, I am not good with grammar. But doing this helps me to see things in black and white.

Here's a picture of my nephew going to Saturday nigh; he was king. I am so proud of this kids; he is a keeper.

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Hi, Janet! You know, I just turned 59 last month and I'm just beginning to listen to my own heart and mind to figure out what I want. I put everyone else first for so long (husband, kids, relatives), I didn't even know I wanted anything. Good for you if you do know what you want! I can certainly relate about how much prep it takes to do a sermon. Isn't the statistic, twenty hours of prep for every minute of sermon? Something like that. I often wondered if my pastor husband was \"really working\", but he was, in his brain. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life journey.