Everyone Was Sick But Me


Everyone Was Sick But Me

kleenex-5610_640My husband started with a high fever last Friday that lasted for a couple of days. He's still dragging a bit and coughing, but was back to work on Monday. But on Monday, Mom got sick - no fever, but coughing and congestion and a feeling of great misery. My son has had a fever for the past few days - he seems sicker than Mom, but happier. It seems like a miracle that I haven't gotten sick yet and I'm just waiting for it to hit, but maybe I'll be lucky and it won't. Who knows! I'm tired from making different food for everyone and being sympathetic to all the complaints. And not getting enough sleep, since my son needed to wake me up at 1:00 a.m. and talk to me about his crazy apocalyptic fever dreams.

Today I went shopping and bought a Valentine's Day card for Mom to give my son. She was really happy I'd thought to do it. (It should have occurred to me before today, but better late. . . ) I found her stash of cash and we determined that she could put $5 in the card as a gift. I realized at Christmas that I'm in charge of organizing her holidays and gift-giving from now on.

On top of feeling bad physically, today would be my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I found her very depressed this afternoon because she had just realized it and was awash in grief and memories.

I called my MIL tonight because she sent me a message on Facebook about my FIL and his health problems. In the conversation, I learned that he may have congestive heart failure. The symptoms match, but he hasn't been diagnosed yet. She's very worried. They're both around 80 and live alone. My FIL's three children all live about two hours from their home and they all work. I'm the only one in the family who works part-time. My MIL's daughter lives closer and doesn't work, but she has a very sick husband and doesn't drive. I worry about who will help them.

Tomorrow is the regional social studies fair and my son and his best friend are taking their joint project to Gainesville, Georgia for the competition--IF he's well enough. He wants to go so much! Fingers crossed he'll be well enough.

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I also love that you took care of Valentine's Day for your mom, LM. I love how you stepped in and just made it happen.\r\n\r\nI also hope you don't get sick! \r\n\r\nDid your make it to the fair? If he did, how did he do?


I feel your pain on the food thing, but we decided it was on meal from now on and who didn't like it could eat a sandwich or soup. It's so hard to keep up with everyone!


That is really cool you were able to help your Mom give a Valentine to your son. Well done, LilMagill.