Everything Keeps Getting Worse


Everything Keeps Getting Worse

So today my car's axle broke. Just snapped as I was turning. So that's be $700 for aftermarket parts. BUT I had to rent a car because I can't be without one for a week. BUT it doesn't fit in my garage BECAUSE when I put the garage door down it put a small scratch in the bumper.

I can't afford the repair. I can't afford the rental. I sure as hell can NOT afford the scratch. I am so screwed. Completely.

Had Home Instead Senior Care come in for the paperwork signing and meet and greet tonight so that the caregiver could start tomorrow. Have had to explain nonstop for the last 3 hours what that was all about.

Oh and because the rental Civic won't fit in the garage, it has to sit in the driveway. My regular car doesn't sit in the driveway so for the last three hours I have also had to explain why I can't freaking move the car.

I'm out of my meds but the clinic pharmacy closes as 4:30 and since my car broke over lunch I wasn't able to get there.

I just can't win.

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Wow! That is just terrible! I hope your car gets repaired soon.


Oh yeah, please let me know how you like Home Instead. We absolutely loved them.


I am so sorry for this list of \"one thing after the other\". I relate to it because our air conditioning has failed twice, the dryer has stopped heating and our septic tank was full and we could not do a thing that involved water and there is a soft place in the flooring in front of my toilet. The septic was paid for by the park where we live, thank goodness. The air conditioning was a simple repair for the first time and this time I believe I have found a way to use it. I am going to start using the bathroom at the front of the trailer and I am hanging laundry around in my bedroom, on doors, etc. I am not telling you this as a competition for things going wrong. I am telling you because I completely relate to the sky is falling feeling and I want you to know that I love you, am praying for you and am sending you cyber hugs. You are not alone, friend.


What an aggravating day, filled with unwanted situations you really didn't need added to your plate. \r\nGlad to hear Home-instead will be coming, providing you a few hours for yourself. Wishing you a better day today.