Now, Our Expertise Is Even More Important


Now, Our Expertise Is Even More Important

We live in uncertain times. We’re doing what we can to be ready for ... well, we’re just not sure what could be next.

In reflecting about who we are and what we do, I realized last night that our expertise -- our knowledge base -- about caring for a family member is wisdom needed now more than ever.

Give that gift to others. Share your expertise with your colleagues and through your social media networks. Give tips on supplies to keep on hand to help when a family member becomes ill. Share strategies on how to navigate the health care system and tips on how to move through the system more effectively. Offer ideas on how to beat cabin fever and prepare great meals from what’s left in the pantry. Let others know what can help.

When you share on social media, use #caringtips for your hashtag and we’ll amplify your message.

We know so much because we’ve already been through so much. Now’s the time to tell the world all that you’ve learned. The world will be better for it.


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I had a thought after publishing this blog post. We can share a daily theme related to #caringtips. I’d love your ideas! Please share any theme suggestions in our comments_mysql section, below.