EXTREME Caregiving: Balance? HA!


EXTREME Caregiving: Balance? HA!

apple-sauce-544676_640Ah the joys of blogging. Once I publish, again there is a drastic change. At times I feel as if my sanity has left the building. If I did not have this blog to see the constant change I think I would remember nothing of this time as every single day there seems a complete change in circumstance.

SIL has again gone semi-comatose. This has happened before, but one of these times she won't come out. I can't say if this will be the case this time, only time will tell, but she IS showing signs of improvement.

We have no idea why this happens. Perhaps she has a UTI (which we are treating) because we introduced Mortrin to her regimen (because she no longer gets Humeria) and she's walking around like the missing link, but only sometimes. We don't know why she does that when she can and does walk upright sometimes. Like today, she's extremely loopy, having hallucinations yet she sits and stands correctly. Shower nurse was here today and she's not speaking right, yet he does not have to tell her to sit up once in the shower, she does it on her own, sitting perfectly straight. Sit her up in bed and she's sitting up fine, all the while babbling incoherently.

She's refusing food, but finally ate a full meal at dinner. She's lost a considerable amount of weight (thank God she's kinda chubby) because she won't feed herself and I have to spoon feed her. She's eating about half of what she used to, or sometimes none at all. If she hadn't done this before and come through I'd be in a blind panic. I am however extremely worried.

Again I have to mess with her meds. I have to withhold her sleeping pills though I know it will cause her hallucinations to get worse. Same with her lactilose because she's not drinking enough fluid and will cause her electrolytes to get out of whack. Delicate balancing act always.her pain was well managed but it's probably the Motrin because nothing else changed. And if she comes out of it, it will take time because her liver processes things so slowly. Not eating she's weak.

But today was better than yesterday where she didn't eat. Took a couple of hours to get her to drink her medications. It seems she goes through these periods of being all rowdy and hurting herself and doing what she's not supposed to then semi comatose. Today she was saying she's a big girl and give her the damn phone--but to call her mom :/. When I explained her mom had passed she called me a liar. That's okay, better her being mad than her not talking! Last time I didn't know how better she was until she climbed over the rails and knocked on the door!

But again I'm right next to her, attending every need around the clock. This part not on purpose by her, just the way it is. It has to be me, Mom can't adjust medications. I have to get fluid in her by medicine dropper, no life again for me, at least a little while! But no stage dives to the face, no little dogs to contend with, she's a bit better.

Thanks for the read and allowing me to vent! Comments so very appreciated !

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It's interesting that you're noticing a behavioral pattern before she has these episodes. I wonder if a doctor could pinpoint what's happening. If it's just a brain pattern or if she's lacking some kind of vitamin or enzyme or something that brings on these changes. I don't know anything about her condition, but I do marvel at how the brain works. I haven't noticed anything that could be bringing on my mom's changes in cognition either. One day she's great and the next she does't know if it's night or day, even looking at the sun. So strange.\r\n\r\nAnyway, I do enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing. Hang in there and I hope easier days are ahead for you and yours.


<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/marfromwi/' rel=\"nofollow\">@marfromwi</a> it IS a trip. She's better still...lol, my mom was telling her she has to eat, and when mom turned around she flipped my mom the bird! I spent the last two days getting liquid in her like a baby bird with a medicine dropper.... Now she's waking up and pissed off again. She hasn't done this this bad in over two months , but at least I know what to do.


So glad you're sharing this journey, HSG -- what a trip. I'm thankful she has you.\r\n\r\nMargason