EXTREME Caregiving: Still Rolling With It


EXTREME Caregiving: Still Rolling With It

cube-568105_640Just as we get the feeling our feet may be on solid ground...whoopsie. I forget it's more like quicksand! I think I need to steal my husband's Indiana Jones fedora and maybe dodge a boulder.

SIL's behavior continues to be erratic but some things are better. It is sometimes hard to see when she's REALLY sick or just wanting attention and being manipulative because there is both going on. All she wants is ME to attend to her because Mom won't take her nonsense. I try and take it as if she's THERE each morning and work from there. After she put herself on the floor I have to be more careful of her antics lol, because she really does do things just to get me to be right there. I do spend time with her aside from duties, just talking about random things to make her laugh and school stuff.

I thank God we got a door alarm! I've been sleeping a little more than four hours a night since we put it up! She kept trying to test it, it's like a screamer it's so loud! BEST THING EVER. Now I can rest that she's safe in her room at night and can listen if she needs help on the baby monitor and only to call out if she had poop issue or pain issue or if she falls. Boundaries, boundaries boundaries. Before it was 24/7 of "I want ice," "dogs in or out," "I want my robe," "not that one," "let me introduce you to Dog the bounty hunter and his wife Beth." (Of course they're not there.) lol The last D listers I'd ever want to meet other than the Kardashians! Whom I'd like to meet even less!

It's the uncertainty of it all that is the hardest and that is the nature of heptactic encephalopathy. I was on the liver site studying case histories and that's how this is--it comes and goes. Plus she has the added bonus of the arthritis and everything else to contend with all at the same time! Today is the demanding toddler persona, she wants everything RIGHT NOW, and extremely picky while she's at it. Plus she needs tweezers to get the alligators out of the hem of her pjs and she doesn't like that cup because she used it to store poop to show the "lady with the ducks" and I may want to clean up the house because BEYONCÉ and CHARELS BARKLEY are coming over! Hahaha. Gotta laugh or I may cry, and laughter is always a WIN! She's never been into TV stars and such but I guess now they're her friends. :) The "lady with the ducks" also had 10 grand she wants to give us. I really want to meet duck lady most of all. :) haha

The hallucinations are back again with a vengeance. For awhile it was just a little bit but now there's a party in her room I just can't see. As long as she's not on the stools or trying to climb stairs or otherwise trying to kill herself it's all okay. We will get through this too!

Thanks for the read and letting me get this out!

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Rolling on the floor, laughing, yes! Please keep up the great humor and sharing. I am sure it helps to vent in this way!


I just love that you blog all these details--they are funny and touching and helpful all at the same time.\r\n\r\nI hope today finds all of you doing okay. \r\n\r\nThanks for keeping us in the loop. :)


Hansologirl:\r\nYes laughter is important! I have always said that if wasn't able to laugh I would have had a nervous breakdown!\r\nHugs!\r\nMaria