EXTREME Caregiving: Taking Care of Me? Ha!


EXTREME Caregiving: Taking Care of Me? Ha!

six-163771_640SIL continues on her upswing, for which we are eternally grateful. But what comes with that is the swing from "I can do it myself" to "I can't do anything."

Fun times this morning. :) SIL continues to be 'with it" to a certain extent which means the teenage part takes over. She doesn't 'feel like' being in her room this morning. She felt like moving a giant recliner and doggie gate, getting through a giant slide bolt to get to my 3-season porch which is supposed to be my craft room but for now is storage to get to, no lie, HER WHEELCHAIR! Because she's  trying to 'help' meaning she wants to do exactly as she pleases. She doesn't need a wheelchair, we have it for emergency use only. I'm like, why do you need your wheelchair? "To practice" Ummmmm, to practice what? Doing donuts in the living room?  OMG!

I got really frustrated though. I only ask of her to stay in her room from midnight to 8 a.m. She has a TV, a mini fridge, snacks, commode, everything. We have enough cable to make a car payment. This after she took a nap last night and thought it was a great idea to want dinner at 2 a.m. or more like it, demand. I'm supposed to keep the schedule but I end up feeling bad. I have to stop doing that!

She's well enough to Tetris her way out of her room, and do it so quietly my mom didn't hear and I didn't pick up the sounds on baby monitor though we were both awake. She knows she's not supposed to move the doggy gate because her dogs will 'go' all over the house. I'm telling her I can't keep up with her needs and her little dogs' needs and, I kid you not, in my head I'm hearing the wicked witch theme and my voice booming "and your little dogs too!" Sheesh!

We have "the talk" for the 17th time, that this is for her safety, she will fall, we're trying to keep her out of nursing home, if she doesn't stop we have to get rid of dogs. I cry, she cries, I think I even hear the damn dogs sniffle. She's sorry. I'm sorry, so sorry  we have to have rules and things have changed.

But no sooner do I go to the market, she's with mom and my daughters and they catch her going up spiral staircase! It's steep as heck. She sneaks out of her room and closes doggie gate. Everyone's in next room, she doesn't ask for help, not a peep, moving with the quickness never exhibited in her lifetime much less lately! How does she even do it? She may be hiding magic powers we never knew existed

Heptactic encephalopathy is so difficult to predict. And symptoms vary so much. Usually it's easy to tell because her speech is way off. But this time it's different, she's speaking well and movements are better but her actions are so against her nature. She'd always just hang out in her room watching TV, she'd come out and talk to us once in awhile but we used to mostly go to her room and visit. Today between all her crazy activities she brought a blanket and crashed on the couch about 15 feet from her bedroom. Before I could tell she was off, but now she's talking appropriately and answers appropriately but doing off-the-wall things.

All, the joys of a roller coaster without the crowds and long lines! Life would be so dull if I got more than five hours of sleep. I enjoy as much as the next girl looking like an extra from "The Walking Dead," and bonus! no time in the make-up chair! Mom is still on the case, we WILL find a way to do this!

Thank you for the read! Am I blogging too much?

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Hi--I agree--blog as often as it's helpful. I really think it's so important to document these days, which seem so crazy and odd and yet are so precious.\r\n\r\nYou've got a great sense of humor and a terrific way of bringing us into your day. I today was a good one in your house and that the tears arrived only because of laughter. \r\n\r\n:)


<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/janshriver/' rel=\"nofollow\">@janshriver</a> EVERYDAY is full moon day 'round here! <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/mariakeil/' rel=\"nofollow\">@mariakeil</a> I think she might be a graduate of hogwarts school of magic!


Absolutely not if it helps, my Friend! Sounds like it's a full moon at your house and mine, even tho it's not a full moon over the rest of the planet....I get where you're coming from.