African_sunsetA difficult day can feel like how a song ends--the music fades to silence.

The day fades away, just like it seems your caree fades away, your life fades away, you fade away. It's all ending.

When life feels like a fade, focus on your blessings. A blessing can be as simple as a TV show you look forward to watching, a 10-minute break during the day, a kind smile from a stranger at the grocery store. These blessings remind you that you do enjoy parts of your day, that you can take time for yourself, that the world sees you and loves you.

These blessings can add an energy to your moment that can bring back your day. When the day comes back, you'll find that your worries become smaller.

Let the worries fade, but hold on to your day. You can begin again.

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Love this Denise - so true!