red-flower-bud-starting-to-blossom-600x600Can we fail if we're trying?

Surely, we're not trying to fail.

And, yet, as we try, we encounter failures. A service isn't worth the price. A decision feels wrong. A resource just doesn't come through. An idea doesn't work. A solution causes more problems.

We speak in anger, leaving us in regrets. We fume in silence, leaving us with recriminations. We lose money. We waste time. We forget family member's birthdays. We eat Doritos and Oreos for breakfast. We skip the work-out.

All these failures have a common theme: We actually were trying to feel better, to win, to overcome, to keep up, to succeed, to love, to be heard. All failures occurred as we attempted to make it through our day.

In other words, all failures happened as we did our best to be courageous.

So, if we didn't strive to fail, if we simply tried to not be a coward, can we still be failures? And, if we're doing our best to make it from the time we get up to the time we lay back down, are we failing?

The only failure comes when we stop trying. When we don't give ourselves a chance to have fruit and cereal tomorrow for breakfast, to make that lunch-time work-out, to send a Happy Belated Birthday card, to use a different service, to find a new resource, to speak our minds in certain circumstances while understanding others require our silence.

As we try, we fail. As we fail, we learn. As we learn, we do better. As we do better, we improve. As we improve, we succeed. And, as we succeed, we become a better version of ourselves--a kinder, more forgiving, accepting person.

So, the only way to become better is to try, knowing that the failure we encounter as we try is the stepping stone to success. It's simply a part of the journey.

Failure is not the final destination in our journey. It's actually how we begin.