Fall at Our House


Fall at Our House

HummingbirdpicGrandma Elly is engaged in a project again.

I did suggest that she work on a project a couple of months ago since she was staring out the window most of the day. It was almost the next day that she got out a pair of pillow cases to be embroidered, printed with a hummingbird feeding at a flower. This brought memories of my summer week at Grandma's house and the embroidery that she taught me. I smiled and was very happy that she had found something so quickly!

I even suggested that she might gift the pillowcases to my son for his wedding gift. Elly's response was so very negative about how his fiancee may not appreciate the embroidery. Ugh! I began to see frustration as Elly works on the wings, getting out her magnifying glass to see what colors go where. She complains all the way through the first pillowcase and then she is on to the second one.

After she's done, Elly feels the relief and says she needs to take a break from the needlework. I smile. The next day when I come home from work, I find a larger project on her lap. She has found a 52"x70" tablecloth with a cross stitched wheat pattern stamped on it. Elly talks about how old this project is and whether she would still have all the floss and the colors she needs.

I reassure her that I can find exactly what she will need. I take the color numbers and at the store found all the embroidery floss she could possibly need for this project. I enlarged the copy of the instructions for her so she could see the detail of the wheat on the corners. Today, about a month later, the corners are done and she is starting on the middle designs. She is having difficulty remembering which colors go where on the wheat--there are two colors of yellow and two colors of brown. She doesn't give up easily but is spending more time hunched over in her chair without her legs up.

Elly's continued complaint is with the person who thought up the artful design with no thought to how hard it would be to cross stitch. I just smile.

My observation has been that she continues to work through her frustrations which is good. Elly has become more prone to using her humor which makes our confrontations much less! This week she began to notice her prescriptions were low and took the initiative to call them in herself, this is a change. I think she has been dealing with some depression and is now waking up to her world. Her son told me that he has had some kind of conversation with her and that he would talk to me later about it. It sounded like he may have proposed something to her. That may account for some of the inward reflecting she's been doing. He hasn't gotten back to me so I am still curious about what that's about.

Awesome Hubby and I find ourselves pretty busy on these Fall weekends helping out with different events for his work or our church. We've done some puppy sitting too. As the time approaches for LivingRoom Son's wedding in January, we hope there will be a start soon to some cleaning out and resetting of furniture for the Living Room! For now, we continue to go through our stuff in storage and give away things here and there, evaluating how important some of the stuff really is for us. It's hard to know what the future will look like.

I am starting to feel the time crunch of going from 3.5 hours of work a day to 6 hours. I find myself cleaning the floors after Elly goes to bed, sometimes after 9:30. There are chores that just aren't getting done and I have spent my short afternoons working on dinner (which I love to do) or meeting for a quick Starbucks with a friend but haven't gotten to exercise or read or catch up with my dear friends here on Caregiving.com! Priorities are so difficult to manage on a day to day basis. On the more helpful side, we have eaten out or brought in dinner more often lately! I am very thankful that we can give my Grandma this opportunity to stay in her home. I am thankful she can still be alone while I am at work. I am thankful for my job and the extra salary which we are putting away to start my retirement account.  I have even been offered Respite Care for October which I would use if I had a free night's stay at a nice hotel!! I can't help but look forward to our next trip to see Arizona Son & Daughter-in-Love. We will take Thanksgiving Week for our trip which will have a Hotel stay in a large bed and large room! We look forward to seeing Awesome Hubby's family also before we head down to see the kids.

There are some incredible stresses right now at work that affect our staff and decisions by others make me feel like running! I just found out about a tragedy in my step-family which causes me more angst in trying to be the best step-family member I can be! I hate to admit to this but I am really looking forward to the next trip. . . it is just the way it is right now and I work at being content in the knowing it is coming as I deal with each day at a time.

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I love how you encourage Grandma Elly to do projects. I enjoyed reading your post as it reminded me of my grandmother who I loved dearly who also did lots of embroidery, knitting, crocheting, quitting and sewing.


WOW you are one awesome lady, accomplishing all that. You must be ALOT younger than I am! (only kidding). Happy for all the things you're getting done, the things Elly has been able to do, what beautiful work for anyone at any age. Thank you for sharing your life in what obviously appears to be a very busy house.